In my work I aim to create an unconventional approach and to do things differently than they exist or that would be the obvious way. I want to give my projects relevance and make them innovative, not just aesthetic.

I am a 28-year-old designer based in Zurich. My interests are very widespread and reach from design, photography, film, graphics and art to events and cultural happenings. I graduated from Zurich University of the Arts in "Style & Design" (now "Trends & Identity") in summer 2016. The programme focuses on topics such as everyday culture, trends and lifestyles in a creative context. It reflects my passion for various creative disciplines and social processes.

As you might have seen, my projects are pretty varied, which makes it difficult to describe my work in only a few words. I just can’t keep my hands off too many things. And once something has caught my attention, I jump into it head over heels. But hey, this means there’s probably nothing that would stop me from getting involved in your project. If you’re interested in a collaboration, if you have any questions or suggestions or if you just like to chat, don’t hesitate to contact me.

See you soon!

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